Common Questions

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets for the 2014 Twin Peaks Festival go on sale starting February 1st.

How much do tickets cost?

The price of your 2014 Festival ticket will vary depending on when you purchase it and which type you select. The tickets are as follows:

  • Early-Bird Tickets (February 1st - March 31st): $200 with bus tour, $180 without bus tour
  • Regular Tickets (April 1st - May 31st): $225 with bus tour, $205 without bus tour
  • Late Tickets (June 1st - July 15th): $250 with bus tour, $230 without bus tour

Please remember that all ticket sales are final. No refunds will be given. However, if you are unable to use the festival ticket you have paid for, we have options for reselling your ticket to another interested fan. Contact one of the organizers for more info. We're sorry, due to high demand, we do not sell partial tickets or tickets to individual events. Full Festival tickets only.

Will I receive physical tickets or is there a "will call"?

We did away with physical tickets a number of years ago to make it easier on attendees (one less thing to worry about when travelling!) as well as eliminate the administrative time and cost of printing and mailing paper tickets. All you will need to do is show up to the sign-in on Friday, August 1st with a photo ID and we will have your name on a master list. You'll receive your name tag and welcome packet, and voila! You're all set. If you are concerned that you may still have a problem, you can always print out your PayPal transaction receipt and bring it with you.

What does my ticket get me?

If you purchase a non-bus tour Festival ticket, you are entitled to the following:

  • Entry to all events listed in the festival Schedule
  • Dinner and unlimited beverages at Saturday evening's event
  • Lunch, cherry pie, and unlimited (non-alcoholic) beverages at Sunday's farewell picnic
  • Donuts and bottomless coffee at the sign-in
  • Inclusion in all festival contests, raffles, and door prizes
  • Access to this year's celebrity guests during scheduled events
  • Two free autographs per celebrity (you supply the item to be autographed)

If you purchase a Festival ticket with bus tour, you are entitled to all of the above, plus the bus tour of Twin Peaks filming locations within Snoqualmie Valley.

Please note: The organizers cannot guarantee that all celebrities will be present at all events during the festival. Due to prior work obligations, some celebrities may arrive late or leave early. We will do our best to let you know of these situations ahead of time so that you can plan your celebrity-meeting accordingly. Occasionally a celebrity may have to cancel out of the festival after accepting our invitation due to new work developments. We hope that as fans you will understand the nature of their business and accept this with grace.

What does my ticket NOT get me?

Your ticket does not include transportation to and/or from any festival events or parking fees incurred at any locations. It also does not include any guarantee of free merchandise or discounts at local eating establishments.

I noticed you've now placed a limit on the number of autographs. Why is that?

The festival has always been an open environment free of the trappings of your typical Star Trek convention. We don't normally attract large crowds, and we encourage a relaxed atmosphere in which fans can have great interactions with their favorite Twin Peaks celebrities. In general, the fans have always respected the lack of guidelines and boundaries, because that's the spirit of Twin Peaks. Y'know?

Unfortunately things have changed. Over the last several years, we've noticed a higher incidence of fans who are less than respectful of their fellow attendees, and while we don't think they are purposely monopolizing our celebrity guests' time to the detriment of the other attendees, we definitely see a need to hopefully control/curb this behavior with a bit of deterrence. We also want to make sure the celebrity guests, who are attending without asking any fees that they usually garner at other conventions, are getting a fair deal when they're asked to sign a pile of items for multiple fans.

This is why we will be implementing a limit of two free autographs per attendee per celebrity on items supplied by the attendee. For any additional items, the cost will be $10 per autograph on items supplied by the attendee. Celebrity guests will also have their own photos for sale and will set their asking price accordingly for those. No money will be going to the festival; all of this will be paid directly to the celebrity. We do this in hopes to control the number of situations where fans are having an excessive number of items signed, as well as provide the celebrities with a small compensation for their time since they are not paid to be at the festival.

Yikes! Why is the ticket price so high? It hardly seems worth it!

We're glad you've asked this question! Every penny paid into the tickets covers everything for the festival, in case any of you are wondering if us organizers are using it to pay ourselves or our expenses. In fact, we usually end up kicking in several thousand dollars of our own money to cover the difference between ticket sales and actual fest costs.

What are the fest costs, you ask?

  • rental of the event hall for the Saturday night dinner
  • rental of the Grange hall for Friday and Saturday activities
  • catering for Saturday night dinner and Sunday picnic (including cherry pies)
  • donuts and coffee during sign in
  • beverages provided throughout the fest (soda, water, beer, wine)
  • paper goods (plates, napkins, fest packets, name tags, etc)
  • prizes
  • sound equipment for Saturday night dinner
  • movie tickets for movie night
  • bus rental for bus tour ($20 per person, only charged to those who buy a bus tour ticket)

And the biggest part...


No, the celebrities do not get paid a per diem or a flat rate. They give their time very graciously, and in return we pay for their airfare, their hotel, their meals, and their transportation.

What Kind of Contests Do You Have?

We try to provide several competitions/contests during the festival to give you ample opportunities to show of your love of Peaks as well as win fun prizes!

  • Twin Peaks Trivia Contest: Hosted by Fest perennial Josh Eisenstadt, you'll want to come prepared for this brain-straining trivia contest. First prize wins a free ticket to the next year's festival!
  • Costume Contest: Dress as any Twin Peaks or David Lynch character you like and possibly win some fabulous prizes! Shoot, you can dress up as animals or inanimate objects too. Whatever works! Think creatively and have fun. Please, no performances. All costumes should be stand-alone and require no electrical source, music accompaniment, or lighting scheme.
  • Caption Contest: We give you several screen shots from the series or film, and you give us your best funny captions! No caption is too wild or racy. C'mon, make us chuckle!
  • Tibetan Rock Throw: Find the answers you seek by picking a rock from a tin pail and hurling it at a glass bottle. Whisper the right J-name and you might be the lucky bottle-breaking winner!
  • Cherry Stem Tying: Think you've got what it takes to be the next New Girl at One-Eyed Jack's? First person to tie their stem in a knot wins a prize and most likely a few propositions as well.
  • Who knows what else?