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NOTE: You do not receive a physical ticket, just show up
at sign-in at the scheduled time.

Regularly-priced festival tickets are now on sale! From now through May 31st, tickets are only $205 without bus tour or $225 with bus tour. Be sure to get your tickets before it's too late! Late registration pricing starts on June 1st.

Before purchasing a ticket, we recommend that everyone read through our common questions about ticketing and pricing. They will give you a great overview of what you'll be getting and how your money helps out with the fest. All ticket purchases are non-refundable. See above link for more information.

To purchase a ticket online, just fill out the form below and click submit. On the next page, you'll be asked to make the purchase via credit card, PayPal, or personal check. (personal checks can only be accepted from US customers)


About You

We've gotta find out some information about you if we're gonna give you a ticket to one of the coolest festivals around! Don't worry though, we'll never sell or give your info to any one else.

Do you have an account on any of the popular Twin Peaks message boards? Let us know your username and the site, and we'll put it on your name tag. It'll help others identify who you are and act as an icebreaker.

Additional Tickets

Are you buying more than one ticket? Add in up to two more people below to purchase additional tickets. Please fill in as much information as possible.

Other Options

Bus Tour:

Yes, please include seats on the bus tour with my Festival ticket. *

* Each seat you request on the bus tour costs $20 extra.

Vegetarian option:

Yes, please provide meals that are vegetarian for the dinner.

Previous attendance:

Yes, I've been to the festival times before.


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